Wo Jiao Lin Lan Analysis

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“Wo Jiao Lin Lan.” I learned this sentence last year in Chinese class. Me knowing Chinese was one of the reasons why I wanted to make Hong Kong my stopover for my return to Japan. I was also encouraged by the fact that my friend Natalie will come with me to Hong Kong. I was able to learn the Hong Kong culture and lifestyle.

On this trip, I really enjoyed the sightseeing locations. On the first day of Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to ride on a double decker bus that took me on a night tour through Hong Kong. I got to see Hong Kong lit up at night, along with some landmark spots and streets. After I got off the tour, I also saw a light show. According to a website, it is the largest permanent light show in the world. I was disappointed due to
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Back in Portland, when I went to a very unclean Chinese restaurant, I had a deadly stomachache. Since then I have been doubtful of Chinese restaurants. On the day I arrived, we ate breakfast at the hotel, and thanks to buffet style, I did not take any Chinese food. While eating, my mom was talking the guide book said Hong Kong was the home to the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurants. She picked up a restaurant from the book to have dinner. At night, we went to the restaurant she chose. The restaurant was gorgeous, but many staff couldn’t speak English. I was still doubtful of this Chinese restaurant, and I hoped I rushed to MacDonald. In contrast to my wishes, my mom ordered a lot of Chinese food. Seeing a lot of dishes on our table, I felt sick, but when I tasted the food, it was absolutely amazing. Especially, BBQ pork in this restaurant was amazing. Next day, I ate steam dumplings at a modern restaurant In Temple Mall next to Wong Tai Sin Temple. When I ate one, the dumpling ranked in my best dumpling list. The restaurant, Shanghai Tang, was stylish and clean and provided delicious Chinese food, so I liked it. I went to some Michelin Star restaurants in Hong Kong, but these dumplings were the best. There were good Chinese restaurants everywhere. Even though the din sum was delicious, especially steamed dumplings, I eventually became tired of the Chinese food and we ate sushi on the last day of Hong

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