Personal Narrative: Running For The 400m

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Like a bird falling from the sky, I was struck ferociously on the sizzling ground full of embarrassment and humility. The crowd was in nothing but shock. I was stuck only to keep thinking about how my dad would be extremely disappointed in me. This is one of my biggest fears, because my father’s opinion matters to me. So now I’m just going to lay here for a while bleeding, feeling broken, with extreme pain of the unthinkable. Going into the summer before my junior year of high school, life was a breeze for me. However, that wasn’t until I had to wake up for football workouts and then attend track practice in the evening. My entire life I dreamed of playing football, but now that fantasy has faded away. Yet, I have always dreamed of breaking the 400m record but suddenly the road to that dream had become a lot more difficult.
While running for the “USATF Titans Track Club” my life took a complete “U-turn”. It was a hot Saturday in the month of June where I was about to run my favorite race, the 400m. I felt ready as ever, only with one slight problem, I was extremely sore. “Runners take your marks”, the dispatcher said. “Set!” Bang! the gun went off and I darted out as fast as I could in lane five. I was in the lead, going fast as ever until I drew near the 100m mark and suddenly my left leg popped twice as I smacked the ground. “Oh!”,
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Over the past few months, I had been working constantly trying to stay healthy the best way I could. Although, on the second day of practice we were running 200s, and I hurt my right hamstring again. However, I didn’t just pull my hamstring like usual; I tore it. I was extremely furious because the first two injuries were off of stupidity but this time I was downright confused. I sat there and cried as I refused the help of my teammates. I then cried all the way up to the training room barely walking and just sat there waiting to start the process all over

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