Rooster Descriptive Writing

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Yellow, about three foot tall, very fast, and my worst nightmare. The protector of my grandmother's hot, sticky, dirty farm a place that I dread to go. Some people fear clowns, insects, rodents, but my fear is a big yellow rooster. This rooster that I fear is no ordinary rooster, he’s leaner and meaner than any other rooster i’ve ever seen. In the next few pages I hope to tell you about this rooster and how I overcame this beast to make me the person I am today.
Life for me wasn’t always filled with scary horrendous monsters like the big yellow rooster. Before the rooster came into my life my grandmother's house was the place to be I would always be there. I recall running through the freshly cut green grass, the wind whipping through my hair without a care in the world. I would freely play games and just have a good time at my grandmothers not having to worry about being attacked. Life at my grandmothers was a happy place, a place where I could relax and be myself, where I didn’t have a
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Something inside my head snapped and suddenly I wasn’t afraid anymore I was going to conquer my fears of this big yellow rooster. I went to my grandmas house and as I pull up me and this rooster lock eyes I know I’m in for a show. I step out the rooster charges me but I charge right back the rooster runs for his life, I had won. At this moment I knew I had conquered my fears I was free.
This moment where I overcame my fear changed my life forever. It changed the way I act, think, and it made me the person I am today. All that time getting chased by the rooster all I had to do was stand up for myself and my problem was solved. I realized that day that you don’t need to run from your problems or fears that you need to take them head on and deal with them. When you do this it benefits everything in your life. I always ran from my problems but until I decided I had enough my life changed

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