Comparing My Life With Divorce

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Nowadays relationships take unexpected turns. You start off making vows that are meant to be kept for eternity and vision this picture perfect life with a loving husband or wife, kids and a stable career. You get this high off of the thought of sharing your life with someone else and starting a new life with the person you love more than anything in this world. However, when certain uncalled events take place, then those vows, that family, that high- all goes away and you find yourself in court fighting a battle to get away from the person you once loved, resenting the vows you once made and trashing the family you once pictured. As the sixth child of divorced parents, I never got to see the love my mother and father once shared, in fact I was supposed …show more content…
Being the youngest, my parents’ divorce hit me the most, in that I developed severe depression with the constant need to end my life since I repeatedly held myself responsible for the broken marriage. I went through Child Protective Services and right before I was placed in to foster care, my mother was granted custody. After my mother being granted custody, I never saw or was given the opportunity to build a relationship with my father until four years later when he became terminally ill and he needed someone to care for him. Divorces don’t have to be messy and a messy divorce should be avoided at all costs because not only does it affect the couples but the kids as well. Due to their unnecessarily chaotic divorce, my mother faced a period of psychological deficit. She went in to severe depression, resented her kids and constantly told me that I was my father’s blood and took up smoking as her hobby. Instead of caring for me, at the age of eight, I was nursing her and making sure she took her medications on time. I never got the chance to build a relationship with either one of my parents and honestly I don’t love them like I probably

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