Dance Team Narrative

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completing about ten hours of a mentally and physically exhausting day at school, my bruised and energy depleted body drags itself to my room as I dread staying up late to do homework and prepare for the following day of school. Questioning my existence, I realize I must wake up at 4:30 AM just to repeat the process. However, despite all the constant aches, high payments, and practices outdoors in the Texas heat, hearing my school’s dance team’s name being called at the end of a competition reminds me that it is all worth it.
Contest season is the highlight of being of being on a dance team. Hence, the majority of dance directors will have everything planned out from the genre of the dance to how the team will be wearing their hair. Due to
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While rehearsing for contest season was convivial and jocund, the competition itself was nerve-wracking. Having dances that were so close together, we needed change costumes and run dances quickly, leaving us with little time to eat, socialize and rest. I felt exhausted, hungry and ready for the day to end when it was finally time to find out how much our diligence had paid off as the team headed back to the gym for the award ceremony. We raced to the front to get seats that were as close as possible to the gym floor to watch the solo finalists perform. They were all breathtaking. Each dancer was a strong piece of a team. I wondered as the last soloist danced “if one person can be so great on their own, how talented is their entire team?” As negative thoughts plagued my mind, I started worrying about my team not placing, and all the countless hours we put into perfecting the dance going to waste. However, as the event organizers played music for the teams to dance to, my team rushed to the gym floor to dance to our heart's content. Looking at how much fun the people I've grown so close to were having, I realized I didn’t care about the results. Having fun with people I genuinely love is worth spending hours on a Saturday in a gym. Regardless, my team won multiple awards, including first place novelty and second place in

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