Narrative Essay About A Christmas Tree

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“Becca honey, rise and shine! It’s Christmas, and we’ve got a plane to catch…” Gloria sang from the doorway. Becca yawned and stretched. “Your dad just got back, so c’mon downstairs and we’ll have a little breakfast and open presents.”
“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute,” Becca replied. She sat up on the edge of her bed and touched the necklace between her fingers. Gazing at her suitcase across the room, she wrapped her free arm around her middle. The last thirty-four and a half hours away from Caleb had taken a toll on her. At home, if she couldn’t take not seeing him, she could hope to catch a glimpse of him at the ice rink. But if she went to Florida─ that was it! Last night heading south seemed like the best medicine, but today it seemed
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For the next thirty minutes they took turns opening presents. Becca was intrigued with the last one─ a beautiful diary from Gloria. Immediately deciding she would wait to make her first entry on New Year’s Day, she carefully wrapped it back in the white tissue paper.
Once finished with presents and breakfast, Becca hurried upstairs to shower and dress. She wanted to spend some time with Ashley before she left. She also needed to give Miranda her Christmas gift. By now everyone would know about her freakish behavior at the charity event but as much as she would rather skip town, she had to face her friends.
After texting Ashley to let her know she was coming over, she hurried downstairs to put on her jacket, hat and gloves. “I’ll be back in an hour!” she hollered, flying out the door.
When she knocked on Ashley’s front door, her mom answered. “Merry Christmas,” she said. “How are you feeling?”
“I feel a lot better,” Becca lied.
“Now sweetheart, if you ever want to talk about anything at all, I’m right here if you need me,” Cathy said thoughtfully.
“Thanks,” Becca replied as Ashley came bouncing into the room.
“Merry Christmas!” she said.
Becca did her best to match Ashley’s enthusiasm. “Merry Christmas!”
Cathy went to fix the girls a cup of hot chocolate while they exchanged
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Becca opened her gift. “Cool! The sweatshirt I wanted from Victoria’s Secret!” After thanking each other for the gifts, they drank their hot chocolate and hurried over to Matt and Miranda’s for a quick visit.
Matt answered the door, swooping Ashley from out of the cold into his arms. “Where have you been all morning?” he asked, dangling a piece of mistletoe above her head with a kiss.
Becca stepped into the house and closed the door behind her. She tucked her hands into her coat pockets and gave them some privacy. After Matt returned Ashley to an upright position, he gave Becca a distant greeting. “Merry Christmas.”
Seeing the judgment in his eyes, she took a deep breath. “Merry Christmas.”
Ashley could feel the tension in the entryway. “So where’s your sister?” she quickly asked.
“She should be back any minute,” Matt replied glumly. “She went to pick-up some OJ with her new boyfriend.”
Ashley asked Matt how it was possible for Miranda to have a boyfriend over for Christmas when she just broke up with the guy she was seeing. “They got back together?” she

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