Narrative Essay About A Broken Home

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A Broken Home
As a child I often had more than one birthday party a year, five to six Christmases, andmultiple other holidays. To any other child that sounded like the greatest thing in the world and they wished they could do this as well. I can promise those children though, its not what it’s all panned out to be. I am a child of a broken marriage. My childhood wasn’t about me and what was best for me it was about my parents and them wanting perfection. I didn’t get the fairytale family I got put into a split family seeking perfection.
Like Julie, I was a child living a life with divorced parents. Unlike Julie who lived with just her mom, I moved back and forth from one parent’s house to the others. I learned very quickly that it was hard
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Not getting the attention she needed from her mom she tried seeking it in other ways. She was adventurous and looked for it in a boy. In a way I felt I wasn’t getting the attention I needed either, but I seeked it in different ways than Julie. Instead of going to a boy, I went to sports and school. I tried doing sports my parents enjoyed, like softball, to please them. I wanted them to be interested in what I was doing not who was being the better parent that day. And if I wasn’t trying to in a sport I was trying to in school. I tried to do the best possible, but that just lead to an agreement between my parents about how I did on homework at one of their houses. Even with all the effort I was putting in to get attention from my parents they weren’t giving it to me. They were focused on themselves and only worried about how they were …show more content…
While Patty was suppose to be a genius and be more mature for her age, I am pushed with school, sports, work, and other activities. My parents expect complete perfection from me. In the classroom, I am expected to be at the top of my class, straight A’s, high scores on the ACTS, and taking the harder classes I can. In the gym, I was expected to practice nine to twelve hours a week, place top three each meet, and doing the hardest skills I possibly could. On top of school and sports, I need to have at least one job working a couple days a week, but preferably I was to have more than one job and be working or at a sport everyday after school. My parents also wanted me to participate in school clubs, youth group, and volunteer. I was expected to be going 20 directions all the time and do everything perfectly to meet their standards. With these high exceptions I tried to meet them the best I could because when I wouldn’t I could tell they were disappointed in me. There were points where I broke down because they put so much pressure on me to be this perfect child they were picturing and this was something hard to recover from. The exception of perfection from my parents makes me work harder and harder towards it even when I can’t do it

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