Narration essay

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Jayson Turner
English 1101
Mrs. Weddle
Narration Essay

First Time Home Alone Just about every teenager aches for his or her first chance of staying home alone. The thought of being home without any parents, without any authority is amazing. I used to be one of those teenagers. I was given the chance to have the whole house to myself my sophomore year of high school. It was a big step in responsibility at the time. I had never been home while my parents went out of town for a full weekend so I was excited. I did the one thing any kid in high school would do and I called everyone I knew and told them to come over. I soon figured out that was not such a good idea. It was a late Sunday night about 9 pm in October, I was
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For so long it used to be just me and her, and for her to see me blatantly go against her wishes, she never thought she would see the day. We sat in silence for awhile so my mom could calm down. After she was good enough to talk, she and my dad start going on about how I messed up and they ask me what I think my punishment should be. It always sucks to have to pick your own punishment because you do not want to pick something too big but you cant make it too easy either. If its too easy they will just come up with something really bad so I told them, “I should be grounded from video games for the rest of the year.” They did not believe that was sufficient for my actions so they sentenced me to 9 months of no social life after school and 3 months of chores with no pay. It was as if I was being sent to prison by a judge. I did not mind though cause I knew I disobeyed them and I felt horrible about it. So I took the punishment a told them it would never happen again and to insure that it did not they would not let me stay home alone until they believed I could handle it and in that moment I could see the big picture. To never go against my parents wishes and never bring my word to

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