Naked In Death Analysis

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Naked In Death, written by New York Times best selling author Nora Roberts under her pseudo-nym J D Robb, introduces the reader into the futuristic world of 2058, where Lieutenant Eve Dallas fights to capture murderers on the streets of New New York. 2058 ushers in an era of flying cars, voice operated everything, and a whole new set of laws and regulations. Everyday things like microwaves or cell phones which, in addition to following voice commands, have knew names like autochefs or telelinks and come with cool new functions like storing food as well as heating it. This post Urban Wars (World War III) world comes with a host of new rules and regulations that are slowly introduced throughout the series, but the three biggest differences, aside from new jargon and technology, are that guns have become illegal, prostitution is not only legal but licensed and very well regulated, and coffee, as well as most other everyday produce, is not only impossibly expensive but replaced by the man made imitations that made …show more content…
D. Robb books that followed, became a New York Times Best seller. The advance from 1995 to 2058 is very smooth. This is just the way things are; the way life is, which takes a little bit of piecing together but, once it clicks that the reader has jumped almost 60 years into the future, everything is life, as usual. Reader be ware, while it is not at all the focus of the story, life as usual does include sex, as do many of the crimes Lieutenant Dallas is called to solve, but what fun is life without sex? While Naked in Death masquerades as a murder mystery, it really exposes the ideas that even the strongest, most independent person benefits from a family, blood has nothing to do with love, and every person, no matter how horrible their beginning, has the power to control who. and what they become and is definitely worth the

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