Family Life In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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The novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a suspense filled crime story about two criminals and their devious deeds fueled by their want of money. This horrific quest brings Dick and Perry to the Clutter home where they mercilessly decimate the Clutters and steal their money. This novel also follows Capote’s research on these men looking on their past to somehow clue him to why they were so messed up. The universal theme of family life and its importance is established through the threatening mood and Capote’s depressed tone throughout the novel. Perry is the cold blooded killer because his family life was very abusive. Dick recalls what he had heard and seen Perry do while they were in the Kansas State Penitentiary,”Perry could be such …show more content…
Perry and his father were eating a meager meal when they ran out of money,”Dad snatched a biscuit out of my hand, and said I ate too much, what a greedy, selfish bastard I was, and why didn’t I get out, he didn’t want me there no more. He carried on like that till I couldn’t stand it”(158). This quote states how Perry and his father got into a physical altercation that ultimately led to the use of a firearm on Perry. The amount of hatred from father to son and the threats that were said were very traumatic. If your own father threatens then tries to kill you with a shotgun that would certainly jack up your morals. After their argument Perry takes a walk to cool off his head and when he comes back his possessions were thrown out,”And everything i owned was lying out there in the snow. Where Dad had thrown it. Books. Clothes. Everything. I just let it lie. Except my guitar”(158). This quote shows that after their threats and fight, his father could not make up and he expelled Perry from himself. It also shows how he really did want Perry gone. The event would have devastated him because he wanted so much to be welcomed by his father but then got kicked out. These threats and actions threw his family life more into the pits thereby throwing his care for anything really out the

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