Essay on NBPF Value Extraction From Different Market

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NBPF: Value Extraction from Different Market Segments
Tamiko Okada entered the back office of Nippon Batting Practice Facility (NBPF) in the Northern district of Tokyo, to contemplate her fledgling company’s marketing strategy. A decorated former collegiate softball player with a graduate degree from an American university, Tamiko had a deep knowledge of the game and of her customers. She lacked a marketing background, however, so she had recently signed up for a hosted CRM service that would allow her to track the cost of acquiring and serving each of her four main customer segments, data she could use to determine which segments to target in the upcoming year.
Business Model
Unlike most batting cage facilities in the United States,
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Because the beer was invariably consumed both by players and non-players, the approach resulted in a higher contact cost of ¥1,500 per player. This generosity fostered goodwill among the players, however, which resulted in a 15% response rate.
3. Elite Ballplayers: this small but devoted segment was composed of Japanese men and women aged 16 to 35 who played baseball or softball at an elite level on varsity high school teams or in more competitive amateur or even semipro leagues

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