Mythology of Earth's Birth (Create Your Own Myth) Essays

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In the beginning there was chaos and Orana, the goddess of the sun, was born. She is the ruler who formulated what is now known as the core of the earth. She gathered many stars and crushed them together to create a glowing rock-like sphere. Orana then decided to have the core revolve around her so she could watch her creation. While doing this she ran into Lunasta, god of the moon. Lunasta moved the moon to have it revolve around the core too. So instead Orana and Lunasta decided to put the sun and the moon right next to each other. After a while one of the stars pinched Lunasta and gave him the idea to have a child with the sun goddess and add onto the core. They had three children together; Tierrana goddess of the land, Aguanta god of …show more content…
After he successfully completed his plan he decided to make an agreement with his father in order to get some power. Lunasta was baffled at how naïve he had been. Since he allowed his son trick him, he gave Vientino the power to roam free over the core as long as he promises to never cause any more harm. He also had no choice but to unbind his other two children from the core. Lunasta negotiated with his son to grant that wish if he was allowed to pass by his wife at least twice a year causing a brief darkness
(an eclipse) over the core. He decided to create darkness over the core because he wanted to remind his son of how he became separated from his beloved wife. So Vientino agreed and went back to his siblings to tell them of the good news. When he arrived Aguanta and Tierrana were already mixing and roaming around the core. They were both so happy with their brother that they decided to make him King of the core and named it Earth. Meanwhile, above them Lunasta decided to take one of his visits to his wife. He went across the earth and blocked the sunlight from his children. When this occurred there was total darkness and Tierrana and Aguanta became stuck to the core. They had been wrestling so they were intertwined within each other. They called upon Vientino to pry them apart but the darkness Lunasta created had some kind of magical power that affixed them together. Furious, Tierrana decided if she was going to be stuck to the

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