Mythology Is A Powerful Thing Essay

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Mythology is a powerful thing. Evolving from fireside stories, through collective learning and into strong religions that shape cultures, it has been in use since early humans walked the Earth. It continues to influence the human cultures in many different ways. Going through the history of Mythology astronomy, great monuments, psychology, powerful gods, the Solar System and more come into play as all the myths are unfolded and the increasing complexity and Goldilocks conditions are unlocked, starting clear from Mythology’s early origin.
The origin of Mythology is a very unknown subject. Different mythologies started all over the world, in many different ways. Similarities appear through all origins, though. Mythology began as simple oral stories told around the fire. Some were for entertainment, but most myths had a lesson to be learned; sometimes it was about bravery. Others pictured politeness or service. There were many different lessons to be found in the ancient stories. Some were shared through pictures on cave walls. The myths were eventually written down in words and shared. From those written stories different mythologies were formed and deities created.
After its rudimentary creation, Mythology developed and grew. Thousands of stories, heroes, deities, and more accompanied the basic beliefs. These items were respected and worshipped with the utmost ability of the people who believed in them. They shaped cultures and determined human behavior (Robert). Because…

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