Myanmar Interview

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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is the second largest country in Southeast Asia, with the population surpasses 50 millions. It is known for the unique culture as well as the long history of the country. In order to learn more about Myanmar, I had a chance to interview and talk to Harmon Bawi Lian, one of my international friends. His perspective and opinion is informative and provides me a good view of the country and its people.
According to Harmon, the primary language of Myanmar is Burmese, which is used by the majority of the people. The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, located in the middle of the country and holds a significant position. The constructing of Naypyidaw started in 2002 and soon become the most advanced city in Myanmar. The city was officially made the capital of Myanmar in 2005. Harmon Lian said Naypyidaw is the most important city
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In reality, Harmon learned English through a private tutor at a young age. He is grateful because of that but humorously confessed that it is not truly helpful in term of pronunciation. Even though everything was different for him and it took him a long time to adapt the new lifestyle, Harmon felt completely excited when he first came to United States. During the interview, Harmon sincerely expressed his feelings: “I felt unreal and had to convince myself that it is a reality. I was not dreaming. Growing up in Myanmar, I was only able to see America and the Statue of Liberty in movies. Suddenly, we were here. I could not believe it.” Furthermore, interestingly, the hardest thing for Harmon to adjust to is the food. He could not eat anything for the first month, except what was cooked by his mother. However, throughout the years in America, Harmon gradually grows to love the food as well as the traditional holidays

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