What Does It Mean To Be An American Essay

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My essay states what being an American means to people from historical text, and what it means to someone I interviewed and myself. The key that I was able to figure out was that we all believe in the same thing. That being an American is much more than what anyone thinks. Being an American means knowing that you have a decent shot at life, and knowing that your opinion can be heard, without the agitation of hearing a knock on your door. To complete my research I read and annotated eight articles about what it means to be an American means; and from those eight I only chose two of the best articles to write about. Instead of using three articles I interviewed someone for my last definition of what being an American …show more content…
He believes that, "American- America symbolizes freedom and that time and time again I 've told people that I haven 't lost my American entitlement." I asked what that really meant. So he stated that, "I feel that I can do and say anything that I 'd like from judgement, free from repercussions." He feels strongly about being anything he wants and think anything he wants. But most importantly not have to give in time to give an explanation or reason for what he does. He believes that Americans and America to him is a type of mental structure. "It 's not for me the land and that we live in, but for the mentality we 've been fed, but what makes a true American is our mentality. Being in America makes him feel somewhat of a narcissist. In a good way. Not that that he feels superior to anyone, he feels that way because of the country we live in and that isn’t always a negative thing to him. He stated that even people within the country that are born and raised here don’t always feel like Americans, because of how they were born, raised and, their cultural background that their parents might be feeding them. But what makes the true American is our

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