Essay about My Writings Through The First Semester Of Creative Writing

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My Writings Through the First Semester of Creative Writing Walking into Mr. Trice’s classroom on the first day of school for Creative Writing class, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew we would be writing a lot, but I didn’t know what exactly I would be learning about writing. So walking in on the first day was as if I had a new and fun adventure for an elective each day of school. We started off the year with learning the basics of writing. the little things that help every writer write to their best ability. Our first unit was poetry, where we learned about many different types of poems and how all poets have a different style and how grammatical rules can be broken when writing poetry. I chose my top four poem I wrote in class, which include, my four haikus, two-tone, my three cinquain, and my first line poems to put into my portfolio. After the poetry unit, we moved onto the fiction and short story unit, where we learned about using descriptive writing and rules of dialogue. Inside my portfolio I put my character and conflict writings. These two pieces guided me in become a more well rounded writer which lead to the screenwriting unit. In this unit, we wrote two scripts, the one in my portfolio is my original script. Overall in Creative Writing class, I have learned a lot about myself as a writer as well as taking in my improved writing skills from the class and bringing it into all my other classes.
As I stated before, walking into this class I didn 't know…

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