My Writing Portfolio As It Exists Today Essay

1102 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
My writing portfolio contains many diverse types of works. Through high school and college my writing ability has improved gradually, and is evident in these various pieces. I have always had a natural capacity to write decently, giving my writing certain strengths. But my writing also possesses lingering weaknesses that I strive to overcome. Additionally, there are many works that I would like to pursue and create in the future that would add greatly to the quality of my existing portfolio.
My writing portfolio as it exists today consists mainly of essays that I have had to write in high school and college. Most of these are essays on books that I was required to read and analyze. These books include Pride and Prejudice, King Lear, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Meditations on First Philosophy, and other various books. I wrote these essays by following prompts or by coming up with what I thought was significant in the books. I then, would find evidence of the points I make throughout the book, and synthesize this evidence with my own analysis of the books. In these essays, I normally write about important themes, characters, overarching ideas, writing style, plot, or other aspects of the book that I wished to look into further. My portfolio also includes many journal entries on various writings or ideas for classes such as philosophy or writing for wisdom. These short journal entries re more informal and discuss observation on short writing excerpts or on general ideas such as…

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