My Writing And Critical Thinking Skills Essay

776 Words Dec 19th, 2016 4 Pages
As I reexamine my work over the course of the semester, I have noted significant improvements in my writing and critical thinking skills. As a writer, I have learned to let go of the traditional five paragraph model in order to embrace more dynamic writing structures and explore topics more thoroughly. Throughout the seminar, I have gained a solid understanding of the expectations within college writing. In regards to my analytical skills, I learned how to read a passage or examine a film in order to address a prompt. I was informed about the mechanics of solid thesis statements and topic sentences, and about how these elements work together in order to create a solid argument. In high school, I would usually begin essays two days prior to the deadline. This would give me ample time to successfully generate a persuasive argument and complete the assignment. In college, I quickly learned that this strategy was ineffective, as the more interesting and challenging prompts demanded more time. I learned to pace myself over a series of several days in order to ultimately present my best work. This course also improved my brainstorming skills, as I employed the use of organizational techniques such as mind maps and outlines to write papers. The required outline for the final essay showcased my development. I compared my outline of the first essay to my most recent one, and there was a clear difference. As the semester progressed, I proposed more complex ideas. Despite these…

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