My Worldview Begins With God Essay

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My worldview begins with God. He started everything, set everything into motion, and still has complete control over every facet of creation. So I believe that to have an solid worldview, you must begin with the One who created the world in the first place. Apart from Him, we would be lost. There is no right or wrong when we ignore Him. However, the more pressing dilemma is this: there is no hope or future purpose separated from Him.

God is a God who is detached from this world. Some believe that God did create this universe, but He simply backed away and no longer has anything to do with it. If so, then the Bible is not true when it claims that God cares for His people, knows the names of all the stars, and will create a new heaven and an new earth. Because God really does love us more than we can comprehend, He is actively at work in every area of global (and even universal) life. There is no attack, no war, no natural disaster, no death, and no horrible event that God does not see. All hurt and heartbreak are more real to God than they are to us. We see suffering and claim either there is no God, or God is a monster for letting it happen. This is horrendously incorrect. God allows all this because He actively runs the whole creation. He uses the horrible things just as much as He uses the amazing and joyful things in life to reveal His glory. He uses birth, friendship, laughter, family, compassion, and love to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. Why? Because…

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