The Crusades DBQ

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Fighting everywhere; fighting for nearly three whole centuries to reclaim the land of the Lord. Fighting North, South, East, and West, but was all of this fighting really worth the pain? The Crusades were a series of expeditions sent by the leaders of each force to take back what was previously stolen from them; the Holy Land. Having control over Jerusalem was all that they craved. After time, this brings historians to question the fact of whether this was truly a fight that rooted from the love of religion or the love of economic power. While the word ‘crusade’ is defined as a military journey caused by a religious issue, the head of each side just used religious reasons as an excuse to create an exceptional group of infantry to reclaim the Holy Land; resulting in them having greater power. It is evident that my claim is well supported by solid facts. …show more content…
The Christians brutally invaded Jewish communities and, “slaughtered them without mercy” (Document 8). Following, the crusaders raided all of the Jews’ homes and synagogues, raided all of the riches from them, “divided among themselves a very large amount of money” (Document 8). The crusaders were already extending their empire, and growing in might. Wealth is just one of the few ways that empires showed authority over other civilizations. The main battles hadn’t started, yet the Christians were already finding ways to become prosperous and

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