Essay on My Work For My Final Advocacy Project

1078 Words Jun 10th, 2016 5 Pages
My art work for my final advocacy project is centered around the issue of racial and social injustice being an institutional problem and change can only be brought about through working outside the governing systems. I wanted to create a piece that inspired people to revolutionary action through the message that real change can’t happen within institutions or already existing bodies of governing. Real change happens when each person takes a stance against hate, racism, sexism, classicism, and institutional oppression and does something to protest against this. The title of my art piece “We are the Change” sums up this view that fundamental change can only happen when people work out side the existing systems to shake up societal norms of hate and oppression and bring about awareness and social/political change. My audience for this piece of art work is everyone, I wanted to create a piece that inspired people to action in some small way and made them realize that revolutionary change can’t happen with in the democratic system that exists. I want this piece to inspire people like me before I started this class who believe that change can’t come about from a grass roots effort and that one person can’t make an impact. I want this piece to send the message that change can happen when each singular individual owns up to their responsibility as a citizen of our society to stand up against hate, violence, bigotry, and institutional oppression through some medium of outcry.


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