My Work Ethics As A Young High Schooler

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1 & 5. Hi! I am Curran Murphy. I truly believe that what you put in will come out in the end. My work ethic as a young high schooler is much different then it is now. As time goes own I have matured naturally, however there is one moment in particular that shaped my work ethics. My story starts my sophomore spring during lacrosse tryouts, but there is a small backstory you must know first. My freshman year of lacrosse I was fortunate enough to get pulled up from the JV lacrosse team to the Varsity. I was ecstatic that I was given the opportunity to be able to play lacrosse at a fast pace level I had never dealt with before. After I had gotten pulled up I knew I had to fight for every second, nothing was going to be given to me. I worked as hard as I could and didn’t stop until our season was ended early by a loss to Concord Carlisle. Fast forward about year and Lacrosse season in knocking on the door again. I had big expectations for myself this year, be a varsity …show more content…
Going into highschool I was immature. Throughout middle school and all the way back to elementary school I had always excelled in whatever the task at hand was. This eventually caught up to me. Entering High school I relied heavily on my natural intelligence. I had a terrible work ethic. I believe that I would just figure it out in the end. When I started getting B’s I thought to myself “it’s okay” or “I’ll do better next time.” After my lacrosse experience a lot changed. I was no longer satisfied with average or okay. I knew I could do better. I started to work hard and put time, effort, and care into everything I did. I took pride in every grade. The results show. I began to do much better. However, there was also one other thing that changed my perspective on my education. Going into my junior year I told myself that I must not focus on just the grade, but on learning and enjoying school. This change in mindset played a huge role in why I enjoy going to school and learning new things

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