Essay on My Windshield Survey Of South Central Brooklyn

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During my windshield survey, I did not feel threatened at all both during the day and at night. Perhaps this may be due to the fact that I grew up in this neighborhood and that I’m used to its surroundings. I did not see anything that was of high concerned or made me feel uncomfortable as I was passing through. The activities were normal and I did not feel unsafe.
Driving through the Flatbush section of South-Central Brooklyn, I noticed the neighborhood was extremely active and loud during the day as many people were going to work or coming home, children going to school, others getting in and out buses and taxi cabs and running to catch the train. In the Flatbush neighborhood, 45.7% of people ride the train to work each day (Take Care Flatbush, 2006). People in the neighborhood were dressed appropriate and clean for climate, however there were many young adults and teens wearing the latest designer clothes, bags and accessories.
There is limited garden landscaping, and only one park (Prospect Park) located within the proximity of my neighborhood. There are a couple of gym such as Platnet Fitness, Retro Fitness, Blink and 24 hour Fitness, however there are several fast food restaurant located in the same block as these gym. For example, there is 2 Platnet fitness gym. One is located on Flatbush avenue on the same block a Wendy’s & McDonald’s restaurant, the other is located on Church avenue just 3 stores away from an Ihop & Golden Crust restaurant. There are also several…

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