My Visit At West Virginia University Essay

1386 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
It was a cold, brisk winter day in February. I was on my second visit to West Virginia University to determine if this was the school that I belonged to. However, this time was different than my last visit. I would be meeting with the Faculty Advisor for my major, Human Nutrition and Foods. This would be my make or break moment to whether or not I would be attending the school. When I met with my advisor Professor Adam Burda, I knew there was an immediate connection. While we were conversing, we were both getting so excited to discuss our passion and connection to nutrition. After meeting with him, I knew that I had to commit to West Virginia University due to the fact that faculty like Adam existed. Instantly I knew that I was going to be lucky to have him as my advisor. When told that we can interview anybody we wanted for our profiles I didn’t hesitate to email Professor Burda asking if I can email him. The following Friday I went to his office to interview him. I was nervous because I had never interviewed anybody so I was unsure how it would go. However, Professor Burda made me feel comfortable immediately. His life is so incredible; therefore, I knew I had to hear him speak about it on a personal level. Professor Adam Burda is a man who has faced and had to overcome many obstacles throughout his life. Therefore, I immediately questioned him about how the challenges he’s faced made him the person he is today. The response was exactly what I expected. He started off…

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