My Vision - Original Writing Essay

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I awoke to a tumultuous series of booms and rattles stemming from below the crown of my head, and beneath the floor above it; it, coincidentally, being the floor. There was a haze about my vision, so much so that I felt utterly disoriented and trapped within an opaque prism of glass as I sluggishly stumbled to my feet. “Just one moment, please, I assure you!” I groaned in between the cavernous yawns and expunging of weariness that generally accompany the morning. After some careful, yet vigorous, work towards ridding exhaustion from my eyes and every fiber of my body, my vision began to clear and the world, once again, revealed itself to me. Nevertheless, to no avail, my assurance and plea went either unheard, though unlikely, or ignored as the thunder about the doorframe continued to roar unforgivingly. Then adept to find my way safely to the door, I quickened my steps and began to scurry down the stairs; and I found it most fortunate, under those circumstances, that I’d neglected to change clothes prior to my slumber, so my appearance wasn’t of importance aside from my mangled morning hair (although that never truly mattered either). I, then, promptly arrived at the door, where the knocking resumed in similar fashion following brief two to three second lull periods, took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair in hopes of taming each strand, and whisked the door open mid-knock. “Oh, pardon me, sir,” gasped a rather short and pudgy man whose head resembled a…

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