Essay on My Views On Self Awareness

1457 Words Jun 19th, 2015 null Page
Despite maintaining that self-awareness is a considerable strength of mine, upon my reflections in my journal entry from week 3, I found some limitations within my approach to communicating with the culturally diverse. I have never considered myself as someone who is racist or who is inherently prone to stereotyping, on the contrary I feel that I generally display mindfulness and seek to gain understanding of things (in this case cultures) that I don’t understand. However, despite the possibility of this being seen as another strength, upon attempting to fill out a survey on ‘my views’ within the tutorial, I found myself limited with honest perceptions of popular minorities within Australia, including low income housing tenants and asylum seekers and refugees. Moreover, in my journal entry I confessed ‘It didn’t take long for me to realise that I accept a lot more freely the things that I know more about even if I don’t agree with them (for example religion as my mum is catholic and I am an atheist) and I couldn’t conclude that I had any rational views of asylum seekers other than what the media portrayed’. This in my opinion could be quite problematic, as 43 per cent of the Australian population was either born overseas or had one parent born overseas according to the 2001 census (De Janasz, Dowd, & Schneider 2006) as well as refugees and immigrants being a very topical and heavily debated issue in the media and Australian politics lately. Although referring to Indigenous…

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