Essay about My Views On Culture And Me

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Culture and Me I believe that a person who has a little time to live will spend on things that make him or her happy. Each of us has own values, priorities, and experiences as a person so everyone also has different happiness in life. Thus, my peers would not spend their time similarly, including myself. I also believe that living in the world is not only how to enjoy yourself, but also to serve with God and other people. This is what God us wants to do: Love your neighbor, enemy and your Lord, and you will find internal happiness after life. My beliefs are influenced with the culture I grew up. If I have six months to live, I will use my time to improve my relationship to those people who are closed to me or not. I will spend all my days with God, family, friends, children, neighbor, and myself in the country where I was born and raised up.
The first thing I want to accomplish is to make God happy. I want to be completely good, and separate from everything that is bad. I will try my best not to cause trouble for anyone, and I will follow the God’s Ten Commandments. To strengthen my relationship with God, I will express my faithfulness through action. I will show my appreciation by praying, and going to church every Sunday. I will attend church activities, such as fund raising, monthly cleaning, and other good things.
The second thing I want to do is to serve my family with joy. When I get up every morning, I want to prepare, cook and serve food for them. I will be their…

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