My Vacation At A Ranching Family Essay examples

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Growing up with a ranching family means we rarely get time off from work or school to do fun or exciting things like ordinary families. When any opportunities come for us to go on small trips, we take them. With that, for the past ten years my dad has made vacation an annual occurrence. Vacation for us represents getting a “reward” for having a successful year of work and school year. Vacation is also a time where my entire family and I can wind down and relax for a week without having to worry if the cows had gotten out or if we had remembered to turn off the pivots to water the crops. It is a special time that is very sacred to us. Family is important, and we do not always have the time to cherish or express how much we love each other.
Nevertheless, having the opportunity to go on these small trips is special to me. Knowing that my dad is taking off work from his busy life just to spend time with his family is something that is truly amazing to me. Some vacation areas I will never forget going to are Salt Lake City and the Peace Gardens. Going to the Peace Gardens was somewhere that I will always remember. The Peace Gardens was filled with an array of different scenery layouts. There were countless flowers embellishing every acre of every section in the garden. Some of my favorite colors were the blushing reds and the glowing pinks. Seeing all of these beautiful flowers made me enjoy the entire trip. Everything was all fun and games until we decided to leave, and had to…

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