My True Friend By Ellen Goodman Essay

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My True Friend

Lynn Smith- Lovin a Duke University sociologist and Co- author to “Friendless in North America” written by Ellen Goodman is about a face-to-face study of 1,467 adults. Goodman’s study reported that one-fourth of these adults have nobody to talk to about important matters, a quarter reported they are only one person away from nobody, and the number of people who have no one to talk to has doubled from 1985 to 2004. Also, the number of confidants of the average person has, has gone down from three to two. I can agree to this on some levels. In my own life I’ve had my own social circle shrink. However, throughout everything in my life there has been one person who has stuck with me. During the good times and the bad, through thick and thin, my best friend is always there for me. Michael is someone who I can trust, someone I can rely on to give me support and comfort, and someone I can be honest with.

One of Michael’s greatest traits is that he is a trustworthy person. For me, trust is hard to come by but when two people trust each other their relationship can grow stronger and allow us to share our deepest thoughts and feelings. Knowing that my secrets are safe with him is a reassuring feeling. Having trust in each other means he is going to be honest and not lie, cheat or steal from me. While it takes me a long time to trust someone, in only a short period of time I can lose that trust. But it is still something very important to…

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