My Trip At The Beach Essay examples

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June 18, 2015. It was a breezy Saturday afternoon and everything seemed normal. I looked out my window on the fifth story of our hotel. I saw the birds flying in the air. My family and I were on vacation in Miami, Florida. It was such an amazing resort! All of the sightseeing we had done was incredible, and we even went snorkeling a couple of days ago! Seeing all of the fish and other aquatic life was so amazing. “Jessica, we are going to be late!” my mom yelled. It took me by surprise and instantly stopped my day dreaming.
“Sorry, Mom,” I yelled back. I had almost forgot that today was the day we were going to go sailing over the ocean. I ran to the bathroom, almost tripping over my smooth green and blue flip flops laying in the middle of the bedroom floor. My favorite red dress hanging over the chair, and my jean shorts I had worn the night before was laying on the top of the small table. I guess I should have cleaned that up. “Jessica Ann, we’re heading to the vehicle!” my mom yelled annooyingly from the other room. Finally, I thought. I found everything I needed and headed out the door. Although I completely forgot all of my money and my phone.
“Oh well,” I said sighed. I didn’t have time to grab things that weren’t as important. Out the door I went, ready and excited for sailing. The car ride took absolutely forever; it felt like a 20 hour drive. The car drove so smoothly, it almost felt like we were flying. The roads in Florida were so nice compared to the…

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