My Trip At Railroad Square Art Park Essay

792 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
First Friday at Railroad Square Art Park is an experience to say the least. This November was my first trip there, after being persuaded for weeks by my friends. I’m a major art nerd so they thought it was going to be undeniably enjoyable for me being there, however I was already warned there would be countless hipsters at the scene. Nothing against hipsters, but that just didn’t sound like my kind of rodeo. Nonetheless they were consistent and convinced me to get out of my comfort zone and just try something different.
First Friday is known for being a diverse cultural event with small art galleries, vintage clothing and furniture shops, food trucks, a variety of music (for example: jazz, bluegrass, folk and rock)and even dance performances. I was pleasantly surprised by the art and culture, especially the music ensembles. As I walked around, I passed by one barefoot middle-aged rocker who was belting out some songs I never heard while strumming a guitar. That wasn’t really something I’m used to seeing, so I continued to search for a music performance that I would find enjoyable. There was way too people wandering around, and I felt very out of place.
Eventually, I stopped to sit and watch this performance with a friend. It was an outside venue and the band was playing 70’s slow rock. There was about 30-40 other people who made up the audience, mostly middle-aged white adults dressed casually. There was a couple rows of picnic tables with a wooden roof overhead covered in…

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