My Top Ten List Make Your Own And Compare Essay

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Isacc Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Adolf Hitler, Paul the Apostle, Siddhartha (Buddha), Moses, Abraham, Muhammad ibn Abd Allah, Jesus of Nazareth. These are the ten most prestigious people in history.

There is not a day where one of these names are not mentioned, their influence appears everyday. They are all dead (depending on your belief).

If you disagree with my top ten list make your own and compare, you 'll be hard pressed to find significant changes.

At the start of every day choices are made that in some manner are a direct influence of one of these people. Wake up, working, its not a destiny, although it may feel that way at times. Somehow, the lines become blurry about free will and destiny. Did you have an omelet for breakfast as part of your destiny, free will or its Tuesday. Perhaps the commercial last nigh was about the sugar in cereals and that made you choose an omelet. You don 't even like omelets.

From the beginning everyone has heard, “you don 't have a choice.” or “you choose.” Really, which is it, you don 't have a choice, or you should choose. Your wife asks “what do you want for dinner ?”, “you choose” is your response. “Tuna” she quips, knowing that you hate tuna.

Kids are told “do your homework”, go to bed”, “eat your vegetables” “don 't kill him” “a woman 's right to choose”. The truth is there is always a choice. Is that the main difference between us and the Russians ?

Its the 1980 's, two Soviet spy’s(they are…

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