My Time Of Constant Growth Essay

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My Time of Constant Growth One of the reasons eighth grade Ky Majors choose St. Cecilia was due to the fine arts program. Attending the forensics tournaments, hosted here was a main contributor to decision and since I have never looked back. Immediately upon attending I joined the forensics team and during my Sophomore and Senior year, I did the musical. The decision I made in eighth grade and even throughout high school have majorly contributed to my love and growth as an actress. My freshman year I was an impressionable child who thought that through middle school forensics, I was basically a pro. During my first tournament, that was proven to be extremely false but I was not deterred. As the year progressed I made friends on the team and tried categories I would never dream of. Most of my experience came from VAP but besides that I was mentored a lot by the older forensics members. Most of my freshman forensics memories was of Page helping me out with impromptu, Maggie helping with my ADS or entertaining the upperclassmen with Duet Improv. Second semester of my freshman year, I decided to write an ADS. This was a personal step from non-preparation categories to something that required memorization and charisma. From doing my ADS, I took a step into the formal world of forensics where interpretation of emotion didn’t exist. What I gained from this experience was how to have engaging dialogue without fabricating emotion. Later on in the year when I had to…

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