Essay about My Thoughts On My Personality

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After reading through the five areas I picked about my personality, I realized that weakness was very correct about me at this point in my life. For example the first thing about one of my weaknesses is that i 'm very argumentative. Although I don 't like this about myself I know it 's true. It said my type of personality tends to tear down the others beliefs and methods which leads to a great deal of tension, sadly true. I really dislike this about myself because I know when I get in an argument with someone I will forget about the person 's feelings until after the damage has been done, I tend to lose it and just let my temper and anger take over order to be proven right. Another weakness of mine was that I find it difficult to stay focused, this is crazy true. For example I sat down at 4pm to work on this and it 's already almost 7pm and i 'm just to this point, I get distracted easily and always find it hard to focus. Another trait I got was insensitive, while I know I get sensitive about certain things my friends sometimes joke and say I have no feelings or that i 'm insensitive. For example We will be watching a movie and everyone will be crying i 'll be calmly eating my popcorn, sometimes I cry but I know the movie is all acting so that 's how I see it, also when it comes to guys they will get sad over a guy and i 'll be the one saying that guys are dumb especially at this age. They will tell me “There are guys that actually like you and try to talk to you but you…

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