My Thoughts On My Own Muscles Essay

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'Flex my own muscles? ' he though, letting the example of the dirt falling through his fingers settle to his core. "I think I understand, I just don 't know how she will react when I won 't listen to her. I 've always done whatever she asked of me." taking a kneeling position, the bangle around his wrist slips away into wisps of softened light. The light reformed into a small ball of light that Kizen reached out to grasp, his fingers hovering over it as it spun freely inches from his palm, picking up speed as more light is drawn from the environment.

"You asked if I was ready, I realize now that no one can tell me when I am. It 's something I 'll just have to know. I think it 's time I found out, don 't you?" his words are followed by his fingers grasping the orb and closing over it. The reaction draws in more light, causing the sky itself to go dark before the sun could properly set. The orb overtook his hand, forming a massive influx of energy centered within it. Anyone within range of this could feel its pull, as if the blade itself were crying out for more energy. It 's need drawing to an insatiable level as the ground began to rumble beneath Kizen. The world around him grows silent; the stillness and disconnection from the outside world make it easier for him to move into the world where his blade resides. The feeling of falling rises in the pit of his stomach as he descends deep into the inner world she calls home. His eyes open to an unusual setting; a dense fog…

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