Essay My Thoughts On My Life

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I can remember the self-talk that I showered my thoughts with when I hit 30 weeks carrying Brode. Only 10 more weeks. As soon as he comes, everything will slow down. Only 9 more weeks. Just put your head down and push through. Only 8 more weeks. Only 7 more weeks. I 'll get a break from the busy. Only 6 more weeks. Life will slow down a bit and it 'll just be me and my boys for a while. Little did I know that I 'd journey through chaos and clutter and invited to grow in ways I wasn 't mentally, emotionally and physically ready for, but here we are - alive and a little closer to Jesus.

Ben and I like to have babies during the absolute busiest season of our lives: Vision and Fall Kick-Off Month. Ben 's responsibilities soar to new heights during the months of September and October. He can easily work 80 hours a week if he didn 't make himself come home. Bo was 2 months ahead of schedule (you can read about part 1 of his birth story here) which made his birthday September 8th. Brode was due September 14, but arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule on August 25th. I 'm not sure if it was the fact that we had done the whole have a baby thing before, or that this time the circumstances were a lot less stressful: no NICU, no emergency c-section, no threat to my life or our baby 's life, but this time around was different. Not only did Ben have so many things to get done at work, he also needed to be the sole provider for Bo while I was in the hospital with our new baby. It felt,…

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