Essay on My Thoughts On My Life

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As I started to think about my topic for my personal essay, I thought of birds. I thought about how I would like to be a bird and how free they are, but then as I wrote that essay I realized that not the one thing I want people to know about me. Growing up I was the baby in my family for 9 years, until my younger sister and brother came along and my family went from three to five. And that made me the middle child. My parents were never on the same page. My mom was passive and my dad was very controlling which started to take a toll on how my family dynamics were. Then third grade came around and we moved from Brockton, Massachusetts to Derry New Hampshire. And by “we” I mean everyone except my dad. So, after moving my older brother being four years older than me decided that he wanted to become the dad figure. He would tell all of us what to do and he thought he controlled the house. That caused problems towards high school.
Now being 11 months apart from my older sister I grew very attached to her. She was my role model, I looked up to everything she did. I wanted to be just like her. We had that typical sister relationship I would take her stuff and she would get upset, then she would take mine and I get just as angry, but when my brother talked down to us she was my ride or die. She would always have my back and take my side. She defended me till the end. As my brother got older his so called “power” he thought he held got worse. He moved from just talking down to us to…

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