My Thoughts On My Life Essays

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I believe that a person who has a little time to live will spend on things that feel him or her complete. Each of us has own values, priorities, and experiences as a person. In other words, everyone has different happiness in life. Thus, my peers would not spend their time similarly, including myself. I also believe that living in the world is not only how to love yourself, but to serve with God and other people. This is what God us wants to do: Love your Lord, enemy and neighbor, and we will find internal happiness after life. My beliefs are influenced by the culture I grew up. If I had six months to live, I will dedicate my time to improve my relationship with those people who are close to me or not. I will devote all my days with God, family, friends, children, neighbor, and myself in the country where I was born and raised up.
The first thing I want to accomplish is to please God. I try to be completely moral, and separate from everything that is bad. I will make sure not to cause trouble for anyone, and I will follow the God’s Ten Commandments. To strengthen my relationship with God, I will express my faithfulness through action, show my appreciation by praying and going to church every Sunday, and attend church activities, such as fundraising, and monthly cleaning.
Second, I will serve my family with joy. When I woke up every morning, I will cook, prepare and serve food. I will be a helper; I can help doing chores, clean up their mess and go grocery shopping. I will…

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