My Thoughts On My Life Essay example

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I decided to write you this letter so that you may know more about me as a person. I know that we did not talk to each other much when you were younger, but since you are going off to college, I feel that this is as good as a time than ever. You do not know much about my past which at the time, it did not seem important to talk about. I hope that by me telling you about my life that it will help you make better decisions for yours as well as getting to know me a bit better than you do now. I hope by telling you this that it will explain why I made the choices that I did. I did a lot of things during my childhood; a combination of some good things and some stupid things. Living in a small neighborhood really forces a kid to create their own fun; however, a few interesting things did happened. My teenage years were a lot more boring, just drifting through high school and working. The most interesting thing that happened was me obtaining my first vehicle. To be frank, it was my only vehicle for a while. Nothing really changed much when I started going to college. It was a culture shock to be sure, but again, it was not an exciting deal. Going from a fairly laid back perspective that high school gives you to an environment where if you even dare to relax, it will screw you up big time, really makes you wake up and smell the coffee. I guess you can call that my warning to you. So I guess I should start at the beginning of my childhood. I grew up in a neighborhood where a lot of…

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