Essay My Theory On Teaching A College Level Writing Course

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Besides Peter Elbow, Donald M. Murray has also influenced my theory on teaching a college-level writing course. Murray theorizes that writing should be taught as a process rather than a product, he writes, “It is the process of exploration of what we know and what we feel about what we know through language. It is the process of using language to learn about our world, to evaluate what we learn about our world, to communicate what we learn about our world” (“Teach Writing as a Process not Product”). Traditionally, students learned how to write and create essays using a strict structure, which included an introduction that led into a thesis statement, followed by three supporting paragraphs (each with a topic statement), and a conclusion that restated the thesis. However, in the late 1960s, there was a change in the development of composition studies as focus on the product of writing shifted to its process. In “Process Pedagogy and Its Legacy” (2014), author Chris M. Anson writes about this shift, “Instructionally, this resulted in a shift from the teacher as giver of knowledge to the student as active participant in the creation of knowledge (and writing). Lectures were replaced with individual writing, small-group ‘workshopping,’ and discussion” (215). Students were given more responsibility and authority over their work, and they learned how to find inspiration and organize their thoughts before putting them down on paper.
By focusing on the process of writing,…

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