My Theology Of Ministry Will Focus On Faith Essay

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Introduction: My theology of ministry will focus on;
• Faith/Compassion
• Forgiveness/Healing
• Love/Oneness

Course Readings: We were so lucky to have had such great sources to read from this quarter. Some of my favorite content came from Stone’s “Compassionate Ministry – Theological Foundations”. Stone writes, “(Faith) is the attitude that we bring to our activity, which transforms it and makes it human, thereby also making it the image-of-God-in-action.” It’s easy to have faith, God is all around us, he wants us to be “in” him, always. When we bring faith with us, to where we are and where we are going, we take God with us, we are acting and living in the way God intended. The faith, the attitude we bring, we carry allow us to reach out to those who long for a time in the light and love of God but have somehow fallen away - our compassion brings us closer. Another reading I enjoyed came from Chapter 10 and 11 “Forgiveness and Healing”, from editor Dorothy Bass, along with many fine writers. In “Forgiveness”, Jones speaks to the “dance” of forgiveness. Misgivings, misunderstandings, true pain and suffering lead us to mere chess pieces on a board, we either move or being moved around the board, with no control. Either that, or we learn to dance, just to keep smiling and moving along with the beat – we wouldn’t want to upset the conductor. We either hate ourselves or the ones who inflict such pain into our lives. If only we would put those stones down. Forgiveness…

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