Personal Narrative: How To Succeed In College

In order to succeed in college, we need to have a good behavior and notice the value of our time. There are many source to help to succeed in college. The articles “the choices of successful learners, 21st century learning, and the Pierce College 5 Core Abilities, give me an important idea how to improve my study skill pursue to the academic achievement. I choose two section in the article which are “Discover self-motivation”, “Master self-management” for that I do well and I need to improve in section “Employ interdependence” and “Develop emotional intelligence”. I will also summarize what 21st century learning entails and how to develop 21st century skill in my education in the college. When I am getting old, I wanted to challenge new things because my life was so plain and mediocre. Whenever I had time I just read a book, playing piano, …show more content…
When I was study in my country, I had a bad experience for asking a question to my brother. His behavior toward me very arrogant for answer the question. After that situation, I became more half-hearted person and was seldom asking questions to someone or teachers. I always figure out myself and had hard time to understand the subject. Now I am better in interdependence, but I still need to improve to support my relationship in order to succeed in college and develop my interdependence with people. 21st century learning is the system that develop student in knowledge, learning and innovation skill, behavior, technology skill and help to have ability to collaborate project work and achieve large scale works through student life. This system also help to build creativity, critical thinking and communication skill and advocates schools need to teach to help student success in college and career. It creates to help students abilities in many ways and master in skill and motivated by the belief that teaching students the most relevant, useful, in-demand, and universally applicable

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