My Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats Essay

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My Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
DQ 1 SWOT: Are You Ready for This?
In order to thoroughly understand why I am pursing my DBA in project management, I thought it best to complete my SWOT Analysis in a matrix format that simplifies and explains areas for growth and opportunities. The various areas I have noted in my SWOT give me great potential for stretching myself. As I look at each quality, either good or areas that need improvement are character marks or stepping stones to further stretch me professionally and personally. I do believe that the stretching to succeed depends upon the will of the individual and how bad he or she wants to further them. Each of these qualities allows me to view each area and to devise short-term and long-term plans to improve those qualities mentioned above. By putting a plan together to stretch myself, gives me a gauge or model to review my successes or failures along the way. This plan will allow me to be very effective on my job, home and in every area of my life.
 Getting along with others in the DBA program
 Communication Ideas effectively (Class, Job)
 Gaining knowledge to be a thought leader
 Consistent in understanding why the DBA is needed
 Loyal to my craft and the industry that I represent
 Respectful to others even though ideas are different
 Too anxious to complete the program
 Aggressive with the knowledge that I have obtained which can slow progression
 Can sometimes major on the…

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