My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing Essay

702 Words Sep 8th, 2015 3 Pages
I believe that in life people need to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Not only does it help people become more recognized of their abilities, but it also helps people to become better individuals. It is important for individuals to have goals and achievements. Knowing how to overcome weaknesses only makes one stronger. It is good to be aware of yourself as an individual to improve in any area.
Based on my experiences so far in college, I realized many of my strengths and weaknesses in my area of writing for psychology and/ or writing papers in general. Ever since high school, I have always had the fear to write papers. I always knew college would be a lot of work, but I actually did not know how much work. Every class this semester, I have to either write papers and/ or discussion post. My strengths in writing are I have ideas and concepts, but I do not how to make sentences and paragraphs flow. It is hard for me to write what I am thinking and explain the topic to people so it makes sense. When I have a new thought, I do know to start a new paragraph, but I do not know how to transition well. I feel like high school did not properly teach me how to write the way I am suppose to write. I am struggling in many of the classes because of these problems. I often believe I have many more weaknesses than strengths in my writing. I wish I would be able to overcome my weaknesses, but I am not sure how I would. Another weakness of my writing is punctuation. I am horrible…

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