My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Professional Development Essay

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Unemployment, housing, financial instability, mental health issues, and various others are challenges that individuals could face every day. Dealing with these challenges in their day to day lives, individuals may not know what available sources are out there to assist them. These situations may also cause the individuals to become too overwhelmed to think out their options clearly. When these individuals need an advocate, or social worker to assist them, they would want to find a social worker that is self-aware to guide them through their challenges. Being self-aware is being able to be aware of and recognize one’s own weakness and strengths in their personality. Understanding one’s own thoughts and behaviors helps one better understand other individuals. Therefore, advocacy, which according to Tom Wilks (2012) briefly means pleading for or on behalf of another (p. 2), and self-awareness are highly important to social work. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my own strengths and weaknesses and how they affect professional development.
Literature Review As a social worker, being self-aware is a cornerstone for the professional self (Urdang, 2010 p. 523). If social workers know themselves, they can motivate, communicate, and interact with others to facilitate change and make a difference (Heydt, Sherman, p. 1). If one knows their past experiences, values, and social norms that influence their own values, they will be more aware of their self. Therefore,…

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