My Spiritual Journey And Understanding Of The New Testament Essay

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Throughout my early childhood I experienced minimal exposure to religion, church, and the bible unfortunately limiting the growth of my spiritual journey and understanding of the New Testament until I experienced the ability that scripture had to provide for me at a time that I needed it most which led to the beginning of my spiritual journey and desire to learn more about the New Testament in order to apply scripture to my daily life and stance on moral issues.
The first time I recall learning about scripture occurred when I attended vacation bible school (VBS) with a friend. I was excited to attend VBS because I had never been to church, let alone VBS. My friend introduced me to the teacher who immediately asked me what church my family attended. I stood speechless as the excitement I had was replaced with shame. I quietly responded that my family didn’t go to church. The teacher then inquired if I had brought my bible with me to earn a VBS dollar. Silently I shook my head side to side indicating that I had not brought a bible. Although I did not mention it, I wasn’t sure that my family owned a bible. The teacher instructed my friend to share her bible with me as she handed me several laminated cards that were bound together with a shiny silver clip. I didn’t know what was written on the laminated cards and I lacked the courage to ask as I continued to feel ashamed. During the lesson the teacher instructed everyone to get their bible out and turn to Mathew 6:14 in the…

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