My Snow Day

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on monday and we had a snow day which meant no school, it didn 't alter my attendance so that was good.
The wake was awful, I felt so sad and everyone ended up in tears. We had the priest from my grandpa 's church come and speak and lead us in prayer, but he could pronounce Leonard and it sounded so crazy that I couldn’t help but laugh out of nervousness. That just added to the craziness. But after this, the priest allowed everyone to come up and speak a little. Mr.King came up to speak and everyone knows him as king, he talked about how wonderful my grandpa was and when he took him in when he had nobody. Then my aunt Catherine who was his sister, talked on behalf of her and my two other aunts, she said he was amazing and they best younger brother they could ask for. She started crying while talking and then
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After this we all said a prayer and the priest left, everyone just talked and shared memories about him. The director told us it was the end of our session and the family had time to the say their final goodbyes. My aunt totally ruined it for everyone though. She went up and was mumbling something and all of the sudden you could feel the room shaking because she was crying so hard and leaning onto the casket. Aunt Debbie was basically screaming while crying and it was highly inappropriate.That just ruined the night and made the wake even harder. She made everyone feel worse and to top the cherry on my sundae, it isn 't even her dad. Her mom was my mom 's mom and they had different dads because of a divorce. She went on facebook and posted that he would be rolling in the grave if he heard what people said and truthfully nobody even said a thing to her it 's an attention stunt. Even thinking about what she said and did makes me so mad. We went home and I could feel my heart fill with anger. She made everything in me tense up with anger. How dare

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