Essay about My Role Model Is Andrew Albers

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My role model is Andrew Albers. He is a big brother to me and an inspiration in my life. It is not only what he accomplished so far, but it was how he did it, and the actions he had to take to get to where he is today. He was successful in not only sports, but in his schooling and personal life as well. He is a great human being and presents himself well. While he has won many awards and has great achievements, he did not do this without any road blocks trying to stop him from being the successful person he is today. For the last few years of his collegiate days until now, I still follow his career as a professional baseball player, and as a brother.
Initially, when I was younger, my mom’s best friend hosted baseball players for the town team that we had during the summer; since I loved baseball my mom wanted us to start hosting players as well. So happens to be, Andrew was the first player that we had. He came into my life when I was nine years old when my parents told me that we had to pick up a “gift” at the airport. Well, when he started to walk down towards us, my dad says to me “here’s your gift, he was too tall to put into a shipping box, so he had to fly here.” I was so excited to start talking to him and get to know him. Andrew is very family oriented and loves being around people. Ever since then, I have wanted to pick his brain on all the knowledge he had on baseball and life. Andrew was drafted in 2008 by the San Diego Padres. His tenure, though, did get cut…

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