My Role In Nursing Essay

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Contemporary Nursing Roles Essay My career in nursing happened very different than most. I never wanted to be a nurse, actually never thought about it. I went a business path while in high school. I loved math, economics, business and accounting. I was excited about anything that dealt with figures or formulas. I was actually enrolled at a university for a business career, one day my mother happened to see an advertisement in the local newspaper about a local hospital with a Licensed Practical Nurse program that was starting the next class recruitment. I remember that day so vividly in my mind when I said to my mother “Mom, I have no desire to be a nurse.” My mother had always wanted to be a nurse, but for other reasons never pursued a nursing career. I thought about it and just let it slip out of my mind.
The next morning I was awakened by the only
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I moved on from that very small hospital to a very large one in the middle of Nashville, Tn. I have worked at the same large hospital in a Progressive Care type setting for twenty-one of those years. I have loved every moment I have spent in nursing and have seen many nursing roles throughout my career so far. The older I get and the more health issues I seem to gain so I keep looking again toward another type of nursing role. I went back to school ten years ago to continue on to get my ASN and in I’m in another pursuit to do something different yet again. I have found myself in this program with the hope of pursuing my latest love of computers and technology. I think this program is the step in that direction in order to continue toward an Informatics Career. I think my body will thank me for this in my later years. While working for this same company for over twenty-five years people often ask me “When are you going to retire?” I often reply “When I’m

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