My Role As A Resident Assistant Essay example

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The theory of dramatism can be applied to a myriad of settings and events in one’s life, but one that I can see very evident is my role as a resident assistant. A resident assistant’s job is to supervise a floor or building of residents on a college campus. They are responsible for making sure that residents have a fun, healthy and safe college experience. As an RA, there are several meetings and events that one has to attend and plan, including a weekly module meeting, small group meetings with other RA and larger group meetings with all Residence Life staff. We also are required to plan monthly events for our residents that promote holistic wellness. Because RA’s are representatives of the university in multiple forms, we have to participate in impression management, on behalf of ourselves and the school. My resident’s impression of me is very important because I am the example to them of how they should live their life as a student of Fresno Pacific. I am also a leader and mentor in their life. An example of this is the behavioral contract that all student leaders (including RAs) are required to sign. This contract outlines the behaviors that are prohibited for FPU student leaders, including consuming alcohol, being in the presence of excessive drinking, attending College Hour and maintaining a certain GPA. This contract is important because it manages the impression that RAs have on their students. For example, if someone were to see a twenty-one year old…

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